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5 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is Great

A Lone Traveler

Before setting off, a lone travelling experience can seem quite scary. It is very easy to become reliant on having a friend to do everything with, together through the good the bad and the ugly. There are however a handful of fabulous advantages to going it alone that make it well worth giving it a go. From making your own plans and choices and skipping out the bits you dislike, to making amazing friendships all over the world. So we have put together just five to sway you to booking that one man trip. 


You call the shots

You have had a full on week of sightseeing and sunshine, and today what you really want, is to stay in bed, order room service and watch telly…So that is exactly what you do! With no one to challenge your lazy decisions you can have a guilt free day of pure relaxation. When lone travelling, you don’t have the concerns of pleasing your buddies or ruining their day plans, allowing you to enjoy selfishness and the experience you want without compromise.

Woman Asleep In Bed

Woman In Bed

It’s A Challenge

Yes, it can be scary. But this forces you to get outside of that comfort zone and prove to yourself that you can try new things and overcome challenges that you never thought possible. Without the comfort of someone holding your hand throughout, you will reap so many benefits from being in new situations and new things about the world and yourself. If an issue arises, you and you alone are in charge dealing with the problem, solving this scenario can be a very empowering experience.

Lady Making A Jump

Woman Jumping

You make friends so easily

When travelling with a companion to new destinations all over the world, it can be easy to find yourself just talk to one and other, mostly when in a foreign speaking country. This sometimes can result in you not getting to know the local people, and making the most of this new cultural experience.  When traveling solo, it forces make the effort, when in cafes, or hostels, you are more likely to go for it and be more social, often making great friendships that last a life time. As well as this, a person sat alone in a hostel lounge is much more approachable than a big loud group of friends, so it is more likely that people will choose you to talk to you.

Two Friends Hand Tattoos

Friend Travel Tattoos

You can leave the makeup at home

When traveling with friends, you often feel the pressures of your peers to look your best. With the constant Instagram and Facebook uploads it can feel important to look your best, whether your buddies get all dressed up for a casual night at the pub you can feel you must follow suit. Traveling on your own means no one is there for you to compete with or look your best for. So you can leave that sea salt in your hair, sun cream on your face and baggy T-Shirt and head straight out to town.

A Make-Up Set

A Make-Up Kit

You become independent and self-confident

By far the best motive to travelling alone is that it really does allow you to grow in confidence and become independent in situations you never new possible. The simplest of scenarios, such as having dinner alone one evening can sound extremely uncomfortable, but once you have traveled alone your self-reliance will increase so greatly, that this sounds like a breeze, or even a good excuse to enjoy some of your own time with a book and some good wine.

A Happy Female

A Happy Woman

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