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How Interior Design Effects Our Moods

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Lets face it, in the age of mental health awareness we have become very mindful of the fact that there is an endless list of contributions to good and poor mental health issues. Personally, I believe it is important to keep exploring areas of discussion on this matter and see no reason why we can’t relate the effects of interior design on our emotional state. After all, we have all been in a daggy-place which looks depressed and suddenly we feel depressed. Perhaps there is more to interior design than meets the eye (pardon the pun). So here is how interior design effects our moods.

Here is How Interior Design Effects Our Moods


Habitual Time Keeping

Its no secret, where you spend most of your time is where you’ll find the least amount of novelty. We often forget that we can switch things up in our homes which by all accounts is just a fun and creative thing to do. Having a home which we are proud of and are consistently improving, whether it is big or small changes, is a great way to nurture our creative sides.

loft apartment

creative interior design

Messy Home, Messy Mind

Of course this doesn’t apply for everyone as many people report feeling more at home and relaxed with a-kind-of-art-and-craft-clutter-vibe to the place. However, more often than not, people report finding it hard to think and sensations of stress when the design to a place a cluttered an somewhat un-orderly. Which you can imagine, if this was a place you worked in 40 hours week could easily be a contributing factor to anxiety.

clean office spave

tidy design

Color and Empathy

Again, this is completely a personal preference to the individual. This is something which makes Interior Design so diverse and why so many turn to the skill sets of people such as Lisa Bradburn Interior Design because the interior designer needs to have empathy and understand the needs of their clients.They need to know how to make the person feel great in their office or home by seemingly as simple choices a color settings.

bright green walls next to green plant

choosing different colors for interior design

The great thing about interior design is that it is so personal that we can really create the space which has the potential to maximize how great we feel! So next time you think about designing your home or work space, keep this in mind!


Mindfulness in the Work-place


Mindfulness has become a trend which has seemingly not left any corner of the worlds societies untouched. Why is it important and how can mindfulness help in the work-place; all of which we will cover here today.

Mindfulness in the Work-place

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work-place mindfulness


Mindfulness by Definition

A practiced state of awareness that can be achieved from focusing on the present moment with acceptance over one’s thoughts and emotions; intentionally observing without judgment and therefore, without reaction.

Other Companies that use Mindfulness





        Deutsche Bank

Benefits of Mindfulness Inside a Workplace

Mental Health

Practicing Mindfulness gives employees a constructive way to confront Mental Health issues and has rapidly affected the way in which many are now approaching Mental Health. This is due to the simplicity of practice; one simply watches his or her thoughts and emotions, without judgment but intentionally observing. This helps us to un-categorize what we perceive to be either good or bad. It is not to say that mental health issues are not bad, but rather that we can react to its presence with awareness instead of fear and further stress. By simply allowing it to be there and observing the nature of our thoughts and emotions, we then relinquish further negative emotion of which would manifest otherwise through our resistance. As a result, such a practice yields further suffering and enables the individual to regain their well-being.

meditating lady

mental health

Communication Skills

Communicating mindfully allows individuals to see through the eyes of others. Understanding our peers helps us to relate with them, when we understand our team members there is no longer any room for the presence of judgment or resentment, simply because we understand their actions. Furthermore, because of our relationship with our own opinions, we can then yield the perspective of others, of which may have resulted in a greater outcome. When individuals have practiced Mindfulness within the workplace, employees approach tasks with a team awareness and therefore, create and carry out effective strategies with efficient quality.  

communicating through a tin and string

mindful communication

Increased Productivity

Mindfulness is one of the most effective practices to which compelling evidence of relinquishing stress has been recognized by Mental Health professionals. Naturally, within a working environment, this does not only allow the individual to feel sufficiently calm and relaxed, it also enables such an individual to focus on their tasks without being distracted by stressful thoughts. This has conclusively resulted in a rise of productivity within working teams who have been practicing Mindfulness.

2 men working

mindfulness and productivity

Mindfulness is definitely the new wave of mental health combat and it seems that businesses are starting to take a serious look at its benefits. Either way, mindfulness can only create greater benefits rather than negative and is a great tool to practice in both the work-place and in ones home life.

Why Your Business Need Cyber Security – 3 Scary Facts!

cyber security

If you haven’t been exposed to the risks of cyber crime then it is possible that Cyber Security is just some aloof phrase that over-cautious owners affiliate themselves with. The truth is, they are the smart ones. If any part of your business stores any kind of information online and you haven’t had Cyber Security implemented – then you are at risk, FACT. Here are 5 more facts to scare you into sensibility.

Why Your Business Need Cyber Security – 5 Facts!

$38.5 billion Was the Cost of the Worlds Most Expensive Virus

MyDoom is known to be the most expensive virus ever. Causing an estimated financial cost of $38.5 billion. MyDoom was initially recognised in 2004 and soon became the fastest spreading email worm, moving far beyond previous records. It was believed to have originated in Russia but its creator has never been found.

cyber security

business men panicking over cyber security

59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired

A shocking and yet not surprising 59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data once they have left or have been let go (sacked). The higher the level of access the higher the risk. Having password details and the clearance level to delete or modify crucial information pretty much give these people everything they need to cause some havoc and also make a quick buck!

hacking codes

protect online data

68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable

It is extremely difficult to detect cyber attacks and amend the security issues created. The average time to detect a malicious cyber attack is 170 days. A study by the Ponemon Institute suggested the average annual cost of cyber crime was $12.7 million in the U.S. This represents a 96% increase since the study was first initiated 5 years ago. In these last 5 years there has been a 176% increase in the number of cyber attacks – an average of 138 successful attacks per week.

cyber security

protection over online data

One of the biggest stress relievers is know that you are being looked after and that systems are in place. This is why so many businesses to to professionals like PGI who implement Cyber Security strategies to ensure the safety of online data. With penetration testing usually resulting in enough evidence which show just how vulnerable you really are. This is why when people start looking into cyber security they waste little time in hesitation and instead reach out to the services of companies such as PGI.


What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?

'Be Here Now' Sticker On Door

In recent years, the practice of Mindfulness has become more and more popular, with the increase of retreats, classes and even mindfulness apps. But what are the benefits and why should we give it a try?

Being mindful of your thoughts is good for you well-being

Not to be confused with the idea of controlling your thoughts or rigidness, mindfulness is instead a state that is best described with actions of openness, reflection and acceptance. Studies have shown a strong link to the practice of mindfulness having a positive effect on many things, including life satisfaction and overall well-being.

Mindfulness is not a new idea; it has been practiced in Buddhism for thousands of years. In this day, we have come to realize that simply taking the time to be mindful can massively reduce stress, anxiety and illness.

A lady Meditating

Woman Meditating

Improving working memory

Working memory is the part of the brain that stores information temporarily for future recall. People how have taken the opportunity to participate in mindfulness report an increase in their ability to memories information in day to day life, with increased recall time and accuracy.

Sticky Notes

Memory Sticky Notes

 A preventative of depression

Studies have shown that people who are taught Mindfulness at a young age are less likely to suffer from stress and depressive symptoms, and that becoming open and accepting to your thoughts and emotions has a huge positive impact on your mental state. It is suggested that the act of mindfulness may protect a person from the onset of depression.

Unhappy Person

Depressed Female

You become more resilient

Resilience is defined as ‘ a persons the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness’. Our brain is extremely clever, and has the ability to remember past experiences and use this to choose the best possible option in a current situation. It suggested that mindfulness practice creates higher activity in the brain and results in increased performance in self-regulation and resisting distractors. Meaning that with mindfulness we can begin to change the way we see and deal with negative situations and respond to setbacks.

A Mountain Climb

Top Of A Hike

Mindfulness increases your happiness levels

Our brain has a left and right hemisphere. The front section of our brain shows high activity when we are in a low or worried mood. When we are in a happy and satisfied mood we have activity in the prefrontal section. When studied, the two sections can show us our happiness set-point during our day to day life. When practicing meditation and mindfulness, we see a large upsurge in the prefrontal during meditation and for a long time afterward. This shows that even short-term mindfulness participation can result in a rise in our contentment level.

Happy People With Dog

Smiling People

 So there you have it, just a handful of positive reason to give mindfulness a go. We would love to hear about your personal experience with mindfulness and if you have found increased well-being and happiness and reduced stress.







5 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is Great

A Lone Traveler

Before setting off, a lone travelling experience can seem quite scary. It is very easy to become reliant on having a friend to do everything with, together through the good the bad and the ugly. There are however a handful of fabulous advantages to going it alone that make it well worth giving it a go. From making your own plans and choices and skipping out the bits you dislike, to making amazing friendships all over the world. So we have put together just five to sway you to booking that one man trip. 


You call the shots

You have had a full on week of sightseeing and sunshine, and today what you really want, is to stay in bed, order room service and watch telly…So that is exactly what you do! With no one to challenge your lazy decisions you can have a guilt free day of pure relaxation. When lone travelling, you don’t have the concerns of pleasing your buddies or ruining their day plans, allowing you to enjoy selfishness and the experience you want without compromise.

Woman Asleep In Bed

Woman In Bed

It’s A Challenge

Yes, it can be scary. But this forces you to get outside of that comfort zone and prove to yourself that you can try new things and overcome challenges that you never thought possible. Without the comfort of someone holding your hand throughout, you will reap so many benefits from being in new situations and new things about the world and yourself. If an issue arises, you and you alone are in charge dealing with the problem, solving this scenario can be a very empowering experience.

Lady Making A Jump

Woman Jumping

You make friends so easily

When travelling with a companion to new destinations all over the world, it can be easy to find yourself just talk to one and other, mostly when in a foreign speaking country. This sometimes can result in you not getting to know the local people, and making the most of this new cultural experience.  When traveling solo, it forces make the effort, when in cafes, or hostels, you are more likely to go for it and be more social, often making great friendships that last a life time. As well as this, a person sat alone in a hostel lounge is much more approachable than a big loud group of friends, so it is more likely that people will choose you to talk to you.

Two Friends Hand Tattoos

Friend Travel Tattoos

You can leave the makeup at home

When traveling with friends, you often feel the pressures of your peers to look your best. With the constant Instagram and Facebook uploads it can feel important to look your best, whether your buddies get all dressed up for a casual night at the pub you can feel you must follow suit. Traveling on your own means no one is there for you to compete with or look your best for. So you can leave that sea salt in your hair, sun cream on your face and baggy T-Shirt and head straight out to town.

A Make-Up Set

A Make-Up Kit

You become independent and self-confident

By far the best motive to travelling alone is that it really does allow you to grow in confidence and become independent in situations you never new possible. The simplest of scenarios, such as having dinner alone one evening can sound extremely uncomfortable, but once you have traveled alone your self-reliance will increase so greatly, that this sounds like a breeze, or even a good excuse to enjoy some of your own time with a book and some good wine.

A Happy Female

A Happy Woman

Why Owning Your Own Business Is Great!

Pleased businessman

Having a business that is yours has such a huge number of positives, the freedom of being your own boss is fantastic, and once you have stepped into this world you will look back and wonder why you didn’t jump in and reap the benefits earlier. 

The Money

You are your own boss. If you are passionate, business minded and ready to excel, then owning your own business can be your money maker. With a business that aims at a wide market with high demand, a successfully run company can produce a brilliant annual salary. Match this with your ability to make your own choices and not answer to anyone, you could not ask for more. It is true that money doesn’t make happiness, but you must agree that having that spare cash is rather lovely.


Organizing Finance

The Lifestyle

Another brilliant reason to own business is that you have the flexibility to work the hours you want. Once you have trained you staff to the highest of standards, it is then your time to sit back and reap the rewards, for many this would mean jet setting as often as possible and taking that important time out to be with family and friends.

A family watching sunset

Family watching the sunset

 A Passion For A New Challenge

If you have never owned your own business then this will be a completely new experience for you, a person who loves getting stuck into something new and watching it grow and expand will excel as a business owner. The success of the business really does lie in your hands, and what a better way to prove yourself than to absolutely smash it.

Businessman wearing suit

Good businessman

All in all, there are many reasons why owning your own business is brilliant for your mind and happiness and also your bank. Having a job that allows you to live the lifestyle that you enjoy that makes you happy and allows you to spend time with the people you love and make you feel good could not be any better.

Why Going On Holiday Is Good For You

Birds eye view

For many people, going on holiday is their chance to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and recharge their batteries. Going away is truly beneficial, a relaxing break can be fabulous for you and here are the reasons why.

Your Physical Health

Breaks offer you the chance to get some much needed sleep away from distraction and day to day disturbance. A long morning lie-in and an afternoon siesta in the sunshine is a perfect way to catch up and give your body that much needed rest. Getting good quality sleep will improve your bodies health, make you feel and look young and promote and strengthening your immune system.

In the long term, making regular trips away can reduce your future chance of illness. Prolonged stress in your day to day life can be bad for your heart. Relaxing often can really help your body. In addition to this Sunshine is the perfect way to get your vitamin D dosage. Being in the sunlight little and often is brilliant for the body and boosting it after the cold winters.

Asleep in the sun

Sleeping on vacation


Your Mind

Going abroad is also brilliant for our mental health. Giving our minds the chance to leave all stress and worries of work, deadlines and bills at home. Letting all these worries go will allow you to rewind and de-stress. This will improve your brain for when you leave your much needed holiday, so you return feeling focused, with brilliant concentration levels and with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

Being away gives you the freedom to do the things that you enjoy and that make you happy. Weather this is, scuba diving, hiking or just lying buy the pool and ready a great book! Allowing time for you, is so important for your mind and nourishing yourself.

Lady reading a book

Reading a book


If your away, then this is the perfect opportunity to reflect, look at yourself and your life and discover new things within yourself. Creating time to just be in your own company will allow you to clear your mind and meditate and rejuvenate.

A lady at peace

Lady looking at a view

It’s conclusion it is always important to treat yourself and to get that important time away to nurture and treat your body and mind, and most importantly enjoy yourself.

Why Giving Gifts Is Great!


Are you one of those people that just never buys gifts…A card will do, kind of person? Well today’s the day you change your ways and start becoming a giver, and trust us it really is a great thing. Seeing that persons face as they tear open the wrapping paper from their present is one like no over, so we have put together a few reasons why giving gifts is awesome.

They’re Happy

Who doesn’t like to make another happy? It is brilliant to sit back and see that person you care about, grinning from ear to ear, or in pure shock of a surprise gift. From giving a gift you are making that person feel appreciated, noticed and special. That’s pretty cool.

Smiling Lady

Happy woman after receiving a gift


You’re Happy

You cannot beat the amazing sensation you get when you are the result of someone else’s happiness. There is actually science behind generosity; the gives body triggers Oxytocin being released giving them that lovely joyful, warm-fuzzy feeling. It’s like being Santa, but on a regular basis, you’re the kind, thoughtful and magical individual.

Happy guy

A smiling man

Give and you shall receive

The act of giving is not to receive, but the world works in mysterious ways, and good gestures often come back around. People do notice kindest within others and this often spurs them on to behave in a similar way. You will be surprised to see, how your kindness reflects on others and eventually come back to you.

A Gift

Receiving & giving gift


So now you know. From the smallest thoughtful token gifts, to outlandish and extravagant gestures, its wicked to be a gift giver, to be the generous one, not only do you make others feel fantastic but you also walk away feeling pretty darn gleeful too.

Three Reasons Why Being Active is Good for the Mind

a woman looking at a sun set

It is a fact that being active with regular exercise is good for the body. However as well as this, exercise is also one of the most operative ways to improve your mental health. Staying active day to day has a huge positive impact on stress levels, anxiety and depression. With seeing quick effects on better sleepy and mood. Regardless of age or capability level, you can learn to use exercise as a brilliant pathway to feeling better.

What are the benefits?

Exercise can be mistaken as only something that young people do, to increase muscles, get tiny waists and good bums, but this isn’t what it’s all about.

A person who exercises more regularly tends to continue to do so because do so because it provides them with a massive feeling of well-being. You feel more energised throughout the remainder of your day, have a much better quality of sleep, have better memory, and feel more at ease and optimistic about themselves and their existence. An active lifestyle is also a great remedy for many common mental health issues in today’s society.


benefits of keeping fit

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Research has shown that regular exercise can benefit the mind when suffering from moderate stress, anxiety and depression as effectively as antidepressant medication. But without the negative side-effects that often come hand in hand with medication. As well as reducing these symptoms, studies also show that maintaining an exercise schedule can prevent you from having setbacks in your mental health.


running is a great stress reliever

Why it works?

Active living promotes multiple changes in the brain, including neural growth, reducing inflammation, and creates fresh activity patterns. This creates sensations of calm and comfort. As well as this it also releases endorphins, strong bodily chemicals in your brain that boost your moody and make you feel happier. Lastly, exercise can also act as an interruption, giving you chance to find some personal time to break from the constant bad thoughts that feed depression.

running in a sunset

feeling tranquil whilst running

In conclusion, exercising is one of the most effective way to break these negative cycles. As well as producing endorphins in the brain, exercising helps you to relax your body relieve tension in your muscles. Since the body and mind are so connected, when your body feels good then so, too, will your mind.



The 3 Stages of a Greater Well-being

Through out society, it seems that we have very little time to consider our own health and well-being. We are so busy on the wheel of success that our time is spent getting ahead rather than focusing on a more important aspect to our time on earth, which is how we feel. We feel that the future is where happiness is and when we get there, we soon discover there is more of the ladder. When does the ladder end?

Here are The 3 Stages of a Greater Well-being


It takes a monumental amount of courage to look ones self in the mirror and take responsibility over how you are feeling. Most would more rather deny the flaws in their way of living which is creating a poor well-being. This is because the moment of honesty means that you can no longer continue to deny these flaws. This can be a very scary faze in the stages of a greater well-being but ultimately it opens up the door to change.

man looking in the mirror


Forgive and let go

Once one has discovered their behaviours and habits which are causing them to feel low and miserable, they often punish themselves for it. They feel angry at themselves for how they feel and participate in consistent mind chatter. It is important to realise that you are only human and that no man or woman alive exist without making their own mistakes. Forgive yourself for your flaws and mistakes, let go and move forward. this creates a sense of freedom and brings the 3rd and most important stage.

lady looking in the mirror

after you accept and let go


Once you have forgiven yourself and have made the emotional shift to move on, you then have to take action. This can mean a multitude of things, perhaps you finally have to do the thing you have always wanted to do, maybe it means eating better and getting in shape. It doesn’t matter what the action is, as long as you know in your heart of hearts that finally it is the kind of existence you wish to have. How exciting!

lady blowing dry paint

enjoying a festive life

Ultimately, it takes going through these stages to then have the capacity to live the life you actually want to live and not the life you were told to live. This is the truest way to create a sense of well-being and sometimes it takes being low to realise it.