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How Interior Design Effects Our Moods

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Lets face it, in the age of mental health awareness we have become very mindful of the fact that there is an endless list of contributions to good and poor mental health issues. Personally, I believe it is important to keep exploring areas of discussion on this matter and see no reason why we can’t relate the effects of interior design on our emotional state. After all, we have all been in a daggy-place which looks depressed and suddenly we feel depressed. Perhaps there is more to interior design than meets the eye (pardon the pun). So here is how interior design effects our moods.

Here is How Interior Design Effects Our Moods


Habitual Time Keeping

Its no secret, where you spend most of your time is where you’ll find the least amount of novelty. We often forget that we can switch things up in our homes which by all accounts is just a fun and creative thing to do. Having a home which we are proud of and are consistently improving, whether it is big or small changes, is a great way to nurture our creative sides.

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Messy Home, Messy Mind

Of course this doesn’t apply for everyone as many people report feeling more at home and relaxed with a-kind-of-art-and-craft-clutter-vibe to the place. However, more often than not, people report finding it hard to think and sensations of stress when the design to a place a cluttered an somewhat un-orderly. Which you can imagine, if this was a place you worked in 40 hours week could easily be a contributing factor to anxiety.

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ColorĀ and Empathy

Again, this is completely a personal preference to the individual. This is something which makes Interior Design so diverse and why so many turn to the skill sets of people such as Lisa Bradburn Interior Design because the interior designer needs to have empathy and understand the needs of their clients.They need to know how to make the person feel great in their office or home by seemingly as simple choices a color settings.

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The great thing about interior design is that it is so personal that we can really create the space which has the potential to maximize how great we feel! So next time you think about designing your home or work space, keep this in mind!

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