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Three Reasons Why Being Active is Good for the Mind

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It is a fact that being active with regular exercise is good for the body. However as well as this, exercise is also one of the most operative ways to improve your mental health. Staying active day to day has a huge positive impact on stress levels, anxiety and depression. With seeing quick effects on better sleepy and mood. Regardless of age or capability level, you can learn to use exercise as a brilliant pathway to feeling better.

What are the benefits?

Exercise can be mistaken as only something that young people do, to increase muscles, get tiny waists and good bums, but this isn’t what it’s all about.

A person who exercises more regularly tends to continue to do so because do so because it provides them with a massive feeling of well-being. You feel more energised throughout the remainder of your day, have a much better quality of sleep, have better memory, and feel more at ease and optimistic about themselves and their existence. An active lifestyle is also a great remedy for many common mental health issues in today’s society.


benefits of keeping fit

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Research has shown that regular exercise can benefit the mind when suffering from moderate stress, anxiety and depression as effectively as antidepressant medication. But without the negative side-effects that often come hand in hand with medication. As well as reducing these symptoms, studies also show that maintaining an exercise schedule can prevent you from having setbacks in your mental health.


running is a great stress reliever

Why it works?

Active living promotes multiple changes in the brain, including neural growth, reducing inflammation, and creates fresh activity patterns. This creates sensations of calm and comfort. As well as this it also releases endorphins, strong bodily chemicals in your brain that boost your moody and make you feel happier. Lastly, exercise can also act as an interruption, giving you chance to find some personal time to break from the constant bad thoughts that feed depression.

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feeling tranquil whilst running

In conclusion, exercising is one of the most effective way to break these negative cycles. As well as producing endorphins in the brain, exercising helps you to relax your body relieve tension in your muscles. Since the body and mind are so connected, when your body feels good then so, too, will your mind.


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