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Why Giving Gifts Is Great!


Are you one of those people that just never buys gifts…A card will do, kind of person? Well today’s the day you change your ways and start becoming a giver, and trust us it really is a great thing. Seeing that persons face as they tear open the wrapping paper from their present is one like no over, so we have put together a few reasons why giving gifts is awesome.

They’re Happy

Who doesn’t like to make another happy? It is brilliant to sit back and see that person you care about, grinning from ear to ear, or in pure shock of a surprise gift. From giving a gift you are making that person feel appreciated, noticed and special. That’s pretty cool.

Smiling Lady

Happy woman after receiving a gift


You’re Happy

You cannot beat the amazing sensation you get when you are the result of someone else’s happiness. There is actually science behind generosity; the gives body triggers Oxytocin being released giving them that lovely joyful, warm-fuzzy feeling. It’s like being Santa, but on a regular basis, you’re the kind, thoughtful and magical individual.

Happy guy

A smiling man

Give and you shall receive

The act of giving is not to receive, but the world works in mysterious ways, and good gestures often come back around. People do notice kindest within others and this often spurs them on to behave in a similar way. You will be surprised to see, how your kindness reflects on others and eventually come back to you.

A Gift

Receiving & giving gift


So now you know. From the smallest thoughtful token gifts, to outlandish and extravagant gestures, its wicked to be a gift giver, to be the generous one, not only do you make others feel fantastic but you also walk away feeling pretty darn gleeful too.

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