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Why We Should Consider Using Waste Management Companies

bottles needed to be recycled

Documentaries are all over National Geographic and Netflix, our world is a mess. The human population will only continue to rise and our consumerist society still hasn’t quite grasped the implications of our waste habits. We see plenty of recycling advertisements urging us to be mindful but are we any better off? It seems that we are unable to personally make a real contribution to this problem in general, which is why Waste Management Companies like Averda SA  have been such an effective safety net. But is it time to put our full support into companies like Averda? Here is why I vote yes.

Lets take a look at some statistics In Waste Management South Africa

Estimated decomposition rates of most debris found are:

Foamed plastic cups: 50 years

Plastic beverage holder: 400 years

Disposable diapers: 450 year

Plastic bottle: 450 years

Fishing line: 600 years.

Glass bottle 1 million years

Aluminium can: 80-200 years

The plastic waste statistics from SA show that 1.4 million tonnes of plastics was produced and 315,000 tonnes were transferred from landfill in 2014, making a recycling rate of only 23%. Of the 315,000 tonnes of plastics which had been transferred, only 280,000 tonnes (90.2%) was recycled in South Africa and 31,000 tonnes (9.8%) had been exported for reprocessing overseas.

Here is why privet-owned Waste Management Companies is the way forward

If waste management companies have our full support, they will have the financial means to generate more effective waste management operations. This means consistent progression and development which is funded through our own personal support. Governments around the world fund these operations through tax money, only waste management is not the only issue they have, so everything must be budgeted accordingly to priority. This means they can only fund waste management for as far as it doesn’t cross over their other governing agendas.

Find More information at  and discover what they are doing to create a cleaner world.

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