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Why Your Business Need Cyber Security – 3 Scary Facts!

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If you haven’t been exposed to the risks of cyber crime then it is possible that Cyber Security is just some aloof phrase that over-cautious owners affiliate themselves with. The truth is, they are the smart ones. If any part of your business stores any kind of information online and you haven’t had Cyber Security implemented – then you are at risk, FACT. Here are 5 more facts to scare you into sensibility.

Why Your Business Need Cyber Security – 5 Facts!

$38.5 billion Was the Cost of the Worlds Most Expensive Virus

MyDoom is known to be the most expensive virus ever. Causing an estimated financial cost of $38.5 billion. MyDoom was initially recognised in 2004 and soon became the fastest spreading email worm, moving far beyond previous records. It was believed to have originated in Russia but its creator has never been found.

cyber security

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59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired

A shocking and yet not surprising 59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data once they have left or have been let go (sacked). The higher the level of access the higher the risk. Having password details and the clearance level to delete or modify crucial information pretty much give these people everything they need to cause some havoc and also make a quick buck!

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68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable

It is extremely difficult to detect cyber attacks and amend the security issues created. The average time to detect a malicious cyber attack is 170 days. A study by the Ponemon Institute suggested the average annual cost of cyber crime was $12.7 million in the U.S. This represents a 96% increase since the study was first initiated 5 years ago. In these last 5 years there has been a 176% increase in the number of cyber attacks – an average of 138 successful attacks per week.

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One of the biggest stress relievers is know that you are being looked after and that systems are in place. This is why so many businesses to to professionals like PGI who implement Cyber Security strategies to ensure the safety of online data. With penetration testing usually resulting in enough evidence which show just how vulnerable you really are. This is why when people start looking into cyber security they waste little time in hesitation and instead reach out to the services of companies such as PGI.

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